Coimbatore, Apr 13 2020

We are proud to launch today. is an eCommerce hyper local shopping platform to enable local shop owners / producers  and service providers to quickly get onto the digital bandwagon. This platform is targeted at local city / region based eCommerce.

Over the last decade online shopping and eCommerce platforms have been giving retail store customer an alternate option to buy their requirement from. With the popularity of eCommerce increasing from year to year, the traditional Brick and Mortar (Physical Stores) have been finding it harder and harder to compete, as the delivery model has become popular with consumers.

Also consumers have gotten used to placing their order at an time, no matter the day and time. It has been a great benefit to consumer. This has meant that the buying habits of consumer has changed over time to prefer ordering online.

Given these trends, small and medium store owners are finding it increasingly difficult to compete on pricing, convenience and experience.

To add to the already challenging times, COVID-19 has now forced stores to shutter or reduce their timings further inconveniencing their customers. In the COVID-19 induced Lock Down era, retail shops and product marketers have been finding their industry in trouble.

At Mind Spark Technologies (MST), we help enterprises in digital transformation using technology. We help companies around the world adopt cloud and mobile technologies to digitize and make their processes more efficient.  We are a specalist in eCommerce, Web application, Mobile application and Enterprise Resource Planning  software implementation and building suitable custom solutions. We currently have branches in the United States, Switzerland and India.

We realized there is a great deal of confusion,  challenge and complexity faced by local SME business to provide basic necessities to local residence during this time of Lock Down. The local stores face a great degree of inefficiency in taking orders by phone, whatsapp or other methods. They are find it difficult to service their customer in a timely and efficient manner. Apart from lack of organization in the order taking, logistics, order processing and delivery steps, they are also overwhelmed by the limited orders they receive each day.

To help SMEs and consumers affected by COVID induced lockdown and with a view to enable eCommerce for local SME / Shops who by themselves may not be able to afford or maintain their own digital platform, we decided to build as a platform for every one to have their own eCommerce  shop to facilitate order taking, streamline their delivery and get them to be part of Government of India’s Digital India and other initiatives.  The goal of the platform is to help in local eCommerce for all Small and Medium shop and business to offer their products and services online.

Also COVID will change the shopping habits of customers, with Social Distancing becoming the norm for the foreseeable future, local store can offer more convenience to their customer by providing In-Store Pick Up options, where the customer can place order and pay online and quickly pick up with the need for standing in Q’s and having exact change when the go to stores.

As a way to help SME / Shops / Farmer and Producers we are offering the platform free of charge of 3 months and also on trial for 1 month for trial. we hope SME / local Shops and Business can leverage and compete with the national eCommerce platforms and level the playing field for local commerce.

Sign up now for an eStore

You can sign up for a eStore, If you are a:

  1.  Small Store Owner
  2. Food and Groceries Shop Owner
  3. Food and Snack Brand Owner
  4. Independent Food or Snack producer (Batter, Sweets, Snack)
  5. Flower Shops
  6. Agriculture Producer
  7. Milk, Egg, Meat vendor
  8. Government Agriculture Department

You can also sign up for Association / NGO plan, if you do the following:

1. Need to collect and aggregate demand for you products for customer (direct consumers) or business customers

Sign up now for an Association / NGO plan


If you have very specific needs we can also help you build customized solutions which may not be part of the M Shopping platform. Please contact us and we will help build it for you.

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