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A unique conversion calculator that not only converts between various units of measurement. Area, volume, length/distance, etc. but provides Indian and European notational conversions.

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Product Description

India has it own numerical system for many 1000 years. As we integrate in the world, people are sometimes confused with the various units used in the Indian context.

Similarly Europe uses different number formating that the rest of the world. The Conversion Calculator will help you.

Convert between :
– lakhs to millions
– millions to lakhs
– Crores to millions
– Crore to billion
– Ground to Sq. Meters
– Cents to Sq. Meters

Display the results in European formats 2,000 as 2.000
Display the results in words as in two thousand

There is no other calculator that help bridge the International unit divide.

Try it out now, its free.

Conversion Calculator is an extend able app, so if you need more conversion units added to it, please contact us we will add it for you.

Use Cases:
Business Folks who deal with international operations are sometimes baffled by region / country specific units. We have added Indian / European units for easy conversion to international units. If you are quoted 10 crores as the value of the business deal, you need to find out its equivalent in International untis (millions). Conversion Calculator will help you with it. Try it out

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