We are OPEN: Covid-19 Impact to Mind Spark Technologies and MST Shop.

We are OPEN. Our number one priority is health and well being of our customers and employees. All our employees have been asked to work from home in this difficult situation. We are able to serve all our customers with minimal or no disruption in service.

Our hearts go out to all those impacted by Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. We have launched MST Shop platform quickly to help businesses and Not For Profit (NGOs) organizations due to shutdown caused by this pandemic. 

We request all of you to strictly follow the guidelines of state and federal governments in this global war against Covid-19 pandemic. Please maintain good hygiene like washing your hands frequently with soap and cover your mouth with a mask or cloth when you are out or helping someone sick. If you have symptoms (fever or cough) stay home and cover your mouth during cough. If you have severe symptoms like shortness of breath visit health care provided immediately.

Thanks to all our customers and employees for being flexible during this difficult time. We are sure together we can control and win over this Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic successfully.

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