What is MST Shop And How do I Setup My Business?

1.What is MST Shop?

MST Shop is a newly launched E-Commerce marketplace platform for India by Mind Spark Technologies LLP. We realized that in this difficult time of Covid-19 pandemic, as most of the brick and mortar businesses are completely shut down, giving a platform for the needy businesses would help the society.

Big companies and corporations have always been leveraging the affluent and tech savvy customer base through their online presence and E-Commerce. So far E-commerce platforms have been out of reach for Small and Medium companies as they cannot afford to spend a lot of money to build the platform and maintain it.

With the launch of MST Shop E-Commerce platform small and medium scale businesses can launch their E-Commerce platform quickly and with no upfront investment and commitment. They don’t have to worry about maintaining the server and platform as it is taken care completely by Mind Spark Technologies. With widespread use of the internet in mobile phones, computers and other devices,  anyone can order products and services using any internet connected device from MST Shop.


2 .How to become a Vendor in MST Shop?

If you have a small or medium size business MST Shop is the ideal platform to kick start your online E-Commerce business. This is an E-Commerce marketplace. You can set up an online shop within a couple of days and see your sales and revenue grow exponentially.

Due to Covid – 19 lockdown most of “brick and mortar” operations of stores and businesses have been completely shut down. We are offering a free trial period during this difficult time and price after that is going to be very nominal.

What are you waiting for? Reach out to [email protected] to set up your shop today.


3. What do we need to set up your business?

We need very minimal information to set up your business and make it operational. Most of these can be entered by yourself in user friendly MST Shop e-portal. Our team would be glad to help you in onboarding. Our team would provide you with a simple template file (CSV format) that you can update and provide to quickly launch all your products and services.

Below are the information that we would need:

  • Basic details of business: Business Name, Contact Name, Postal Address, Email, Phone Number, Hours Of Operation
  • Images : For Products, shop banner and profile 
  • Details of Products: Product Name, SKU, HSN Code and Sale Price
  • Shipping preferences: Pickup Locations, Door delivery 


4.How do customers pay?

MST Shop has been set up to accept UPI payment and NEFT. Though it is not recommended, customers can also pay cash on delivery.

5.How do I promote my product? 

You can add discount coupons and put items for sale during specific periods. We would also be able to prominently display items on promotion and your business in the platform for a nominal price.

6.How do I know my business health? 

With MST Shop you would know how your business is doing in a jiffy.  MST Shop platform comes with a rich vendor interface that you can use to view orders details and add/update products. Excellent charts and statistics will give you  a clear view of your business – orders, sales and revenue with just one quick look. 

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